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Agility. Balance. Confidence. EN GARDE!

Learn to fence with us and share our passion for this exciting Classical and Olympic Sport!

Our Classes

We offer year-round instruction, Summer Fencing, and Classes specifically for kids, teens and adults taught in the French classical style.

Our Director

All classes are taught by Kevin McMahon, a USFA-certified professional fencing coach who brings over 40 years of fencing, teaching, and competition experience to his students.

Our Program

Anyone age 7 & older can learn to fence at the FCB. We offer programs for Kids, Teens & Adults and no previous experience is needed. Folks fence for a variety of reasons: physical & mental development, recreation and competitive challenge. Our younger fencers have gone on to join the fencing teams at many colleges & universities including; Cornell, Johns Hopkins, MIT and NYU. Many of our more mature fencers continue to fence well into their 80's. The FCB offers group classes & private lessons 6 days per week, year-round.

Our Facilities


We normally welcome spectators, but due to current distancing restrictions resulting from the virus pandemic,

Spectators are limited to ONE parent per student.

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